Shopgate SEO | International SEO Consultant - Jesse James Woods
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Shopgate SEO

Shopgate SEO
Shopgate is a SaaS company that develops mobile websites and native apps for online merchants.

Head of SEO

June 2013 – January 2014


  • Created and implemented global SEO and inbound marketing strategy
  • Managed onsite optimizations for all platforms
  • Optimized Shopgate YouTube videos for search
  • Consulted clients on mobile SEO
  • Created and implemented social media strategy for Shopgate’s English, French and Polish markets
  • Published and marketed two eBooks and a white paper as part of my inbound marketing strategy
  • Published and marketed three press releases, making it into TechCrunch with one of them
  • Launched and maintained English, French and Polish blogs
  • Designed the homepage for all Shopgate platforms
  • Developed weekly, monthly, and quarterly reporting of KPI’S
  • Conducted site A/B testing, managed keyword research and traffic analysis
  • Hired and managed inbound marketing interns for all markets

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If you want to invite me to speak about online marketing or talk to me about anything else, you can write me through the contact form on this page.

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